Furniture care products

It is common knowledge that all furniture requires regular care. However, it is important that we choose the right cleaning and care products if we want it to continue to look great. KLER Care is a line of furniture care products designed for cleaning and conserving leather surfaces.

How often should we use such care products?

How frequently leather furniture should be cleaned depends on how often and how much it is used. In order to best protect and look after leather furniture, apply the care products as follows:

  • every 2 months – if the furniture is used frequently,
  • every 3 months – if the furniture used moderately,
  • every 4 months – if the furniture is used occasionally.
What is the purpose of furniture care products?

KLER furniture care products are ideal for cleaning and maintaining natural leather furniture.


Why do we need care products?

The care products recommended by KLER preserve the vivid and intense colour of the furniture for longer, ensuring that the natural leather elements remain in great shape for years.

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