45 years in the market is an excellent reason to celebrate!

However, the story of Piotr Kler and his passion for furniture-making goes back much further. From the very beginnings, as he began to learn the profession, through the embodiment of passion and all the way to perfection, this is the story of a man who achieved success through hard work and determination. A man who then decided to share his success with others.


    A 13-year-old Piotr Kler begins his education as an upholsterer in the workshops of Antoni Aptyka, a pre-war master craftsman from Dobrodzień, a carpentry town. He still considers Antoni not only his first boss, but also his mentor. Piotr spends ten years learning from Antoni, as well as living under the same roof. 


    Having become a Master Upholsterer, Piotr rents a place with the money he has earned, purchasing carpentry tools and equipment, and opening a workshop across from the St Mary Magdalene Church. At first he works with just one other employee. There is a shortage of everything on the market, including furniture.


    He creates his first sofa and armchair design – the Leniwiec. As a first in Poland, he manufactures casual leather furniture, and signs it with his name. People queue up to purchase it, with waiting times of up to three years. Production takes place in several workshops in Dobrodzień. 


    Piotr Kler opens his first company store. In Poland, the furniture can still only be purchased from own-brand outlets.


    The Kler brand becomes ever more recognisable. Piotr focuses on quality and personally scrutinises every detail. He knows that he can vouch for every piece with his own name.


    Exports begin slowly – the first Kler-brand casual set is shipped to Latvia. Nowadays, Kler can be found everywhere but in Australia. The brand is present on all other continents – you can even relax on a Kler sofa in Africa or Asia. 


    Piotr Kler’s son, Sebastian, officially joins the company after graduating from university. He observes his father at work for many years, not only learning his craft but also the right approach: passion and engagement. After all, quality does not compromise, as Piotr Kler has been wont to say since the start of his career. Since joining, Sebastian has remained with the company.


    For the first time, Kler participates in the most important trade fair in the industry – Salone Internaziomale del Mobile in Milan. Only the elite display their products there, and to date, Piotr Kler’s company has been to Milan to present their latest pieces 10 times!


    The company now employs designers from Italy, France and other European countries. New designs are implemented in Dobrodzień, all with the mastery of the craft typical for the brand, with the use of the best materials.


    Piotr Kler’s Atelier is built, which serves as a workshop and prototyping facility. Just like in the old times, Piotr himself keeps a hands-on approach to production. The Atelier focuses on special orders – ones which require experience and the highest mastery of the craft – knowledge to which only few have access.


    Piotr Kler establishes his Foundation. It supports young, talented artists and helps them to achieve success. As he is wont to say: “Someone once gave me a chance – now it’s my turn to do the same!”


     Piotr Kler knows that it is only via constant development that one can achieve success – and that professionalism means reinventing oneself over an over. Thus, he opens his first online shop.


    45 years on the market is a reason to celebrate with pride! The recipients of the Piotr Kler Foundation scholarship play a concert to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the company’s founding.

History of the company

History of the company

„Quality knows no compromise, and the quality of furniture also depends on the smallest details. This principle was taught to me at the very beginning of my professional career, and I remain faithful to it even today. My name is Piotr Kler. The furniture I create bears my signature”.

P. Kler