A treatise on elegance and the discipline of simple forms. A set of flat cushions thrown on a light and rigid platform, raised above the floor level on shapely legs. In this way you can create a casual and varied structure: repeating cushion modules accompanied by reclining headrests, bendable armrests and footrests. It represents simplicity from both ends of the perfection scale.

3-seater sofas, a footrest, modules that can be combined into regular or corner sofas • Module with an extended seat section (chaise longue) so you can stretch your legs out comfortably • A 90-degree rotatable seat allows the armrest to become a footrest • Adjustable height and inclination angle for the backrest • Adjustable inclination angle for the armrests • An extensive colour palette of natural leather and various types of fabric • Optionally: a side unit with a push-pull drawer and soft-close system • Optionally: a drawer with an LED lamp, a power panel with a USB port and an induction charger or two containers made of stainless steel • Optionally: an additional cushion in the upper part of the backrest, serving as a headrest • The base: a wooden platform with natural oak veneer • Metal legs.

I founded my company in 1973. I have built my capital upon the labour of my own two hands and a head full of ideas. However, my master and mentor gave me the key to success: my love for quality and customer satisfaction.

P. Kler
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I founded my company in 1973.